• No matter what you manufacture or where you are based our job is to ensure that tomorrow you will be able to produce faster, more efficiently and deliver higher quality products than today.

    Our goal is to deliver turnkey solutions to help our customers achieve higher standards of productivity, reduce downtime and waste, and increase efficiency and safety.

  • We translate your expectations into clear specifications and we manage the projects from design to delivery.

      Special installations
      Automated production lines
      Complete robotic solution
      Camera systems
      ...and a lot more

An appropriate solution for every problem

What we do

We help you produce faster, more efficiently and with better quality

We listen to you, we innovate for you, we deliver a ready-made solution

Our team

Designers, programmers, electricians, production workers, administration and management

We operate mainly in Europe, but borders are not an obstacle

We supply for the automotive industry, railways, aerospace industry, construction, electronics production

2200 m2 of our production area for your innovative solutions

We are a certified research center for the Slovak Republic

About us

Some words

We enjoy work, otherwise we would not be where we are today. We like to discover new solutions, we try new technologies. We are attracted by new challenges and our zeal drives us forward.

We organize our work and use our working time efficiently. We set ourselves demanding tasks and perform them responsibly and diligently.

We learn from each other and we respect each other. We have different opinions but we can benefit from it. Different perspectives allow us to bring you innovative solutions.


The company SKARTEK was founded by managers interested in continuous personal development and growth in the multicultural environment. SKARTEK was created to take the best from both, Slovak and French culture and manage the differences of the two cultural backgrounds in order to maximize the benefits of this diversity and achieve the determined goals.


The company SKARTEK is focused on special installations, automated lines, robotic islands, camera systems. Our role is to ensure that mass-production companies produce faster, deliver higher quality and reduce maintenance problems.


The company SKARTEK was founded in 2010 with the ultimate objective to benefit from the french and the slovak complementarity in order to achieve the highest quality at the lowest price. We offer a wide range of industrial solutions from engineering through the serial production to manufacturing of any prototype.

We have been working on your projects for more than 10 years already and we plan to continue. Your define your need and we will do the rest for you

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