• Design and concept of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic installations
  • Electrical installations
  • Automation, robotics
  • Elaboration of robotic lines concepts
  • Robotic line fixtures design
  • Robotic workstation simulations
  • Programming
  • Robotic lines documentation
  • Motion controls
  • Huma Machine Interface
  • Control and Safety systems
  • Certificates


We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for industrial automation. We manage every detail from concept through manufacturing, assembly, testing, installation, technical support, site acceptance, performance tests and maintenance.

We provide wide range of services from simple wiring to manufacturing and assembly of fully automated production system.

Design and engineering

Our qualified staff is ready to prepare a tailor-made offer based on your requirements. It consists of:

  • Specification and design of electrical installation
  • Elaboration of electrical system studies, technical drawings, diagrams and schematics (Eplan, SW Electrical) for simple electrical distribution, supply networks, lightning conductors, earthing, lighting and control systems, fully automated production units, etc.
  • We hold the permission to work in hazardous areas (ATEX)
  • We assure the complete process from system specification development through concept and detailed design, electrical system studies, drafting and drawings to process engineering consulting.

    Part of the design process is continually sourcing and testing new products and systems in order to provide the best solutions that are specific to the project we are working on with our customer.

    Electrical Installations

    We have expertise in installation of a wide range of electrical apparatus, from general lighting and power distribution systems to motor control systems and fully automated electrical installations.

    We provide comprehensive electrical services for industrial projects:

  • Wiring and structured cabling
  • Lightning conductors and earthing
  • Lighting systems
  • Control and safety systems
  • Electrical switchgears
  • Motor switchboards
  • We keep up with changing technology trends so that we could evaluate, design, install and assure a cost-effective solution that meets or exceeds your process requirements. Electrical installations are professionally managed from project conception to completion.

  • Electrical equipment installation
  • Relocation or transfer of existing electrical installation
  • Modernization of existing electrical installation or replacement by a new model
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and revisions (preventive maintenance according to the set schedule, corrective maintenance after failure and reinstating equipment functionality)
  • Technical inspections, tests, examinations and revisions
  • Performance and conformance protocols
  • All our services are provided according to the valid legislative standards STN.

    Selecting and installing the wrong equipment can cost lives, time and money. We help you to identify the suitable equipment to be installed to maintain your electrical systems, in a safe manner, at all times.

    Robotics and control systems

    Automation and instrumentation technology play a vital role in enabling higher standards of productivity and quality consistently. Keeping up with new applications and technologies, including robotics is important to ensure the most reliable and cost- and energy-efficient systems are deployed.

    We work closely with clients to understand their needs, identify the required control components, automation and instrumentation products and deliver tailored solutions to support them throughout the implementation process.

    We have the expertise to design and manufacture a complete robotic solution for your business in the following applications: material handling, welding and cutting, packing, palletizing, etc.

    We manage the whole solution process from design specification, through HMI / SCADA / PLC System Design, selection of instrumentation, programming / configuration, panel engineering, assembly and wiring to conducting of site acceptance tests.

    Our solutions are designed, manufactured, and installed using industry-proven processes and quality methodologies and meet the requirements of valid legislative standards.

    We provide solutions across different areas:

  • Elaboration of robotic line concepts – feasibility studies, process planning, time analisys
  • Fixtures design for robotic lines – selection of simple and cost-effective solution
  • Robotic workstation simulations – time cycle analysis, selection of suitable tools and robots, feasibility analysis
  • Programming – creating programs for ABB, Fanuc, uploading, putting into operation, programs optimization, operating staff training
  • Elaboration of documentation for robotic lines
  • Motion controls
  • Human machine interface
  • Control and safety systems
  • Flow analyzers
  • Signal manipulation